brand positioning, logo and identity design for a start-up sonic branding agency.
Earmark description.
Earmark is a start-up sonic branding agency, run by three talented composers. Their mission is to provide exceptional full-service sonic branding, using only the finest crafted sound and music. Their sworn nemesis is what founder George Hyde calls 'sonic wallpaper': Earmark believes that the future of branding is sonic, and that brands should pay as much attention to their sonic signature as they do to their visual presence. 
The challenge in positioning Earmark was to create a sense of artistry and craftsmanship whilst avoiding pretentiousness. The design challenge was to visual capture the super-visual world of sound, to create a visual system that could take a back seat to let sound do the talking.
Tom has an extraordinary knack for delving into the core of a brand in order to unearth and communicate its values through his designs. His work is so carefully considered and steeped in deeper conceptual and intellectual nuance, without being in any way pretentious or contrived. Working with Tom on our branding project could not have been easier. In all aspects he was precisely on-brief, such that any revisions were minimal, if required at all. I could not recommend Tom highly enough.

—George Hyde
    Founder & Director

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