Art Unbound was an exhibition of contemporary sculpture hosted at Painswick Rococo Garden and curated by Anna Greenacre. In collaboration with Anna and the team at PRG, I created a logo and brand identity for the exhibition. This was applied to exhibition collateral including a luxuriously printed catalogue of works, a folding handout with a hand-drawn map of the garden, private view invites, and more.
"We worked with Tom to create a new brand that encapsulated both the natural beauty of the gardens and creative energy of the sculptures. Tom's final design beautifully captured the elegance, playfulness & freedom embodied by the brand and complemented the exhibition perfectly.  He designed a small but perfect guidebook that could be tucked into a bag, but was special enough to keep forever on a bookshelf."
Anna Greenacre
curator of Art ubound
"The overall brand for Art Unbound helped to create a very successful event.  We substantially increased our visitor numbers, press awareness and level of sales. Huge thanks to Tom for his inspiring work."
dominic hamilton
director, painswick rococo garden

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