A minimal and elegant magazine designed for a prestigious client of TDC PR, and to showcase their design projects and achievements from throughout 2018. The client was a division of a major tech company concerned with pioneering a new, organic approach to technological design. This approach drew on (among other things) Scandinavian ergonomics and traditional crafts and techniques. These influences also shaped my minimal, typographically led design.

Sensitive content has been removed and replaced, including the name and logo of the client and all of their copy.
The challenges facing us were numerous and vexing: how to communicate the intricacies and complexities of rococo garden design when many people don't even know what the word means? How to capture the 18th century pomp and frivolity of rococo design, but retain broad appeal to a wide-ranging audience base in a digital age.
Contemporary reinterpretations of quintessentially rococo aesthetics, combined with Painswick's unique origin story (reincarnating from a painting of itself and spectacularly returning from the brink of wilderness) provided the fundamental principles of this truly one-of-a-kind brand identity.

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